After-Care Program

A flexible, effective Outpatient Aftercare Program that provides long-term support for people who have completed intensive treatment in the Bridge Residential or Day Programs.
Stay Connected – After-Care

The Aftercare Program provides 12-months of support to people who have completed our Residential, Day or Matrix Program.

Transitioning from an intensive treatment program back into the community can be a difficult time for people, so the Aftercare Program aims to “bridge” this gap and support people during this time. This step-down approach helps to keep people engaged in treatment, whilst also helping them to build resilience and independence.

Aftercare also assists people in building and maintaining a routine post-program which is an important part of recovery. We offer groups and 1:1 support, with our groups providing a mix of relapse prevention, peer support and recreational activities.

We are also in weekly contact with our clients, whether that be through seeing them in groups or sessions, or chatting them over the phone or through text messages.

Introducing our team members:

Wenyi Wang

" Hi, I am Wenyi Wang, or call me Freya. I came from China three years ago. And I almost immediately fell in love with the beautiful environment, the nice people and the great culture here the second I landed.

I studied Master of Social Work, which equipped me the essential skills to support people in needs; however, long time before that, I have already possessed a heart with love. 

It is a great honour to become a part of the Bridge program and I appreciate the opportunity to learn from colleagues and clients as well as supporting each other. Looking forward to meeting you!"

Wenyi Wang


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