After-Care Program

A flexible, effective Outpatient Aftercare Program that provides long-term support for people who have completed intensive treatment in the Bridge Residential or Day Programs.
Stay Connected – After-Care

This inclusive and innovative program is designed to help you gain independence and confidence, and to participate more fully in the community following your discharge from treatment.

The Aftercare Program includes:

  • A program of continued support for up to 12 months post Day/Residential treatment
  • Provides opportunities for peer support, social engagement, sports and recreational activities
  • Is based on harm minimisation and relapse prevention principles
  • Integrates evidence based treatments including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Relapse Prevention, Mindfulness and Contingency Management
  • Has structure framework including daily groups, scheduling, individual and group sessions.
  • Aligns with research indicating the importance of follow up care post treatment

The Aftercare Program aims to:

  • Maintain engagement
  • Maintain a sense of routine post program
  • Use scheduling to increase self-awareness and minimise risks
  • Provide support to work towards recovery goals
  • Offer opportunities to try new activities and build new skills
  • Develop strong support networks
  • Assist you to step outside your comfort zone!


There’s no obligation to participate in the Aftercare Program. However, research shows that people who use after-care support have a better chance of maintaining their goals and a lower risk of relapse.

If you choose to join the program, you’ll also be supported by peer mentors, who will help you to keep on track with your goals, and re-engage with your community.


The Aftercare Program is available in Hobart, Launceston and Ulverstone. 

The program in Hobart offers support groups and activities every day from Monday-Friday. The program in Hobart offers support groups and activities every day from Monday-Friday. Please contact The Bridge on (03) 6232 2900 for more details.

Contact us for details of support groups in Launceston and Ulverstone.

To find out more about the After-Care Program, please get in touch.