Residential withdrawal bed

If you would like to undertake your withdrawal in a structured, safe and drug-free environment our residential, nurse supervised withdrawal may be suitable for you.
The Bridge Residential Program

Please let the intake person know that you would like to be considered for this option and then after your comprehensive assessment the clinical team (which includes the Inpatient Withdrawal Unit clinicians) will review your history and let you know if you may be suitable.

You will need to have a GP who is willing to support you medically during this withdrawal. Our nurse can help you with this process.

All admissions into this bed occur on a Monday and the nurse supervises your withdrawal during office hours, out of these hours you care will be overseen by our non-clinical team.

Evidence based withdrawal scales are used to monitor your withdrawal and only if deemed necessary medications may be administered to assist with withdrawal symptoms.

During your withdrawal you will be secluded from the rest of the community and the bed is in a non-smoking environment.

You will need to have a plan to engage in the Bridges residential/matrix or day program to be considered for our residential detox bed.