The Early Recovery Skills Program

The Early Recovery Skills Program is an online program for clients wanting a structure and supported program.
Early Recovery Skills Program

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The Early Recovery Skills Program is an online program for clients wanting a structured and supported program.

In this program you will be able to access 10 modules which will provide you with early recovery skills that you can complete at your own pace.

In addition to the online modules you will have access to forums and discussion boards that are available for posting questions and accessing information posted by both clients and staff.

You are also able to ask questions about the modules content and access additional support from a Bridge staff member through your Dashboard.

Click here to see the list of modules covered across the program.

Program Registration

Registration for the Bridge Online Programs require the gathering of information about you, your substance use, and your mental health through the completion of several short questionnaires. Please note that during the registration process you will go through 7 different screens.

This information will be used to track your progress over time and to help determine the effectiveness of our online programs.

Please note that all information disclosed is strictly confidential and may not be revealed to anyone outside the program staff without the written permission of the client or the client’s support person.

The only exceptions are when disclosures are required or permitted by law. Those situations typically involve substantial risk of physical harm to oneself or to others, suspected abuse of children, if subpoenaed by Court, or if otherwise required or authorised by law.

If you have any questions or concerns in this regard, please contact the online program co-ordinator, Karla Milner via

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