Information for Families

People in recovery (or thinking about entering recovery) benefit from support from family and loved ones.

People in recovery (or thinking about entering recovery) benefit from support from family and loved ones.  Substance use affects everyone, not just the person in recovery and you can play an important part in your loved one’s recovery.

The recovery process can be slow, there is no “quick fix” or “cure” so understanding what happens in recovery is important for everyone.

Our Family support program offers family members a safe place to work through issues to help improve relationships, an important factor in successful recovery. The family learns healthy ways of communicating and works on restoring trust and repairing damaged relationships.

Who is this service for?

The Family Program is for family members, friends, carers or anyone who plays a role in the life of current Bridge clients (in either the Day, Residential, Aftercare or Matrix Program/s).

Why seek help?

Being in a close relationship with someone who is struggling with an addiction can be frustrating, painful and sometimes lonely.

Often it leads to difficulties such as distress and conflict in relationships.

Improving relationships can improve outcomes for people trying to recover from drug or alcohol issues.

How can the Family Support Service help me?

We can assist you by:

  • Giving family members the opportunity to talk about how the problem affects them
  • Provide information and education about substance use/abuse, drug education and addiction
  • Provide information about treatment options and the Bridge programs
  • Provide referrals to appropriate specialist services
  • Work together with family and person with substance use issues.
Marie-Clare – our Family Support AOD Specialist
Majella - our Family Support AOD specialist

The services provided by this program include:

Educational Groups: 

Our groups cover a variety of topics and an opportunity to build skills in a supportive environment. 

Groups currently being delivered:

  • Courage and Connection: this is a group for Families/Partners/Friends to learn about substance use, and develop tools and strategies to improve their own wellbeing and skills to build healthy relationships.
  • Family and Friends Support Group: run fortnightly this group offers the opportunity for ongoing education and the benefits of peer support following completion of the Courage and Connection Program.