Peer Support Program

Creating authentic connections through acknowledging the value of lived experience in the recovery journey.

Peer Support

Creating authentic connections through acknowledging the value of lived experience in the recovery journey.

What is the Peer Support Program?

  • A program designed to acknowledge, share, and build upon the lived experience of previous participants of the Bridge Program
  • Provides an opportunity to learn from the collective wisdom of peers and participants
  • Provides a source of different perspectives, support, and empowerment for both participants and peers
  • Provides inspiration for those at earlier stages in their recovery
  • Allows for direct consumer feedback through Peer Support Volunteers

The aims of the Peer Support Program:

  • To provide opportunities for graduates of the Bridge Program to pass on their lived experience and experiential knowledge through a Peer Volunteer Role
  • To reduce stigma and discrimination in the wider community towards those with substance use histories
  • To provide participants in current treatment programs with access to peers who share their experiential knowledge, further encouraging authentic connections
  • To facilitate direct consumer feedback from peers and participants in relation to all aspects of the Bridge treatment programs
  • To facilitate strong support networks that keep participants engaged for longer periods, leading to better outcomes for participants

If you would like more information or are interested in applying, please contact the Bridge (03) 6232 2900.

What to expect?

  • Participants or past graduates of the Bridge treatment programs can apply to be considered for a Peer Support Volunteer Role. An Expression of Interest form must be completed and returned to the Peer Co-ordinator
  • Training is provided for Peer Support Volunteers through DEN (Drug Education Network). Training will include discussions around role definitions, role responsibilities, boundaries, communication, and self-care.
  • The initial Peer Support Volunteer Role is for 10 weeks. Peers are encouraged to reapply after the completion of the first 10 weeks if they would like to continue in their volunteer roles.
  • Peer Support Volunteers assist with the co-facilitation of groups, the roll out of our Community Education Programs, and with the day-to-day support of participants in our residential program.