Jack's Story

Jack’s life was chaotic, with ongoing relationship issues, Family Violence Orders (FVO), court cases, and financial and legal issues.

Jack* worked on and off with the Bridge program for three years, on his path to recovery.

Jack’s life was chaotic, with ongoing relationship issues, Family Violence Orders (FVO), court cases, and financial and legal issues. He had been diagnosed with Hepatitis C and was not receiving treatment, and he injected amphetamines and used alcohol and cannabis regularly.

Jack’s Individual Treatment Program (ITP) was focused on managing his relationship issues. His partner was suicidal, self-harming and had her own addiction issues.

Jack's case manager, Courtney, helped him to obtain a rental property through Salvation Army Supported Housing (SASH) in order to meet his FVO requirements. He attempted entry to detox in November 2012, but was initially refused.

Courtney advocated strongly on his behalf, and by December Jack had been admitted. However, he self-discharged, and had another major lapse.

In March 2013, Jack commenced the home-based withdrawal and pharmacotherapy program with the Bridge nurse, Nik, and an AOD specialist GP. At first, he had suicidal ideation, looked very unwell, was gaunt, had significant weight loss, and was emotional.

During this time, Jack was supported through court cases by his case manager and chaplains, and in October, he was admitted to hospital after a failed suicide attempt.

By January 2014, Jack had set goals to resume his guitar teaching and obtain treatment for his Hepatitis C. He continued to do quite well until an incident with some ‘friends’ involving ice use.

Jack identified that he needed to get away from those people, and was planning to relocate by June 2014, with assistance from Nik.

In July 2015, Jack left Hobart, with airfares, accommodation and a referral to a new pharmacy for dosing. Jack was looking healthy and was positive and happy. He wrote the following letter to Nik.

12 July 2015

Dear Nik,

I am writing to thank you for all your support over the last three years. From art therapy, to counselling, to being my nurse and organising my pharmacotherapy, you have always been a calm, reassuring support and have seen to my every need, and I thank you for that. The Bridge has been my main source of support since doing the program, from helping me with food and bus tickets, to counselling, and organising my pharmacotherapy. I am very grateful to the Bridge, especially you Nik, who I have come to respect and look up to as a role model. Thank you so much for all your kind and tireless work, it is greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,


*Jack’s name has been changed to protect his privacy.